Does The Trtl Travel Pillow Work?


A Scottish firm has launched a Red-Bull-style ad campaign in a bid to capture a bigger slice of the 100 million sales-a-year worldwide market for travel pillows. The company manufactures the third-best-selling travel pillow on But managing director Michael Corrigan wants the top spot.

The five-figure “Up for the Moment” campaign follows the lives of three Trtl Pillow users – an adventure sports professional, a jewellery entrepreneur, and a fashion designer – as they criss-cross Europe on business. Filming took place in Berlin, London, and on the Amalfi coast in Italy. Drones and GoPro’s were used for action shots such as Andy Jones’ 27-metre cliff dive in Praiano, near Naples.

Does The Trtl Pillow Work?
Well I tried their pink one and in a word, yes. The Pillow is lightweight and enables you to rest your head on your right shoulder with a plastic frame supporting your head underneath the fleece fabric. The support is shaped to fit snugly over your shoulder and there is definitely good support for your head if you not off. Of course it won’t win any style awards as it looks like a fleece scarf, but it is likely to give you the chance to get some shut eye on the plane and to feel refreshed at the end of your journey.

Cliff diver Andy Jones said: “My head used to bob around and wake me up constantly during flights. I think anyone can see why getting a decent sleep on a 14-hour flight the day before you jump from a 90-100 foot cliff is important. The Trtl Pillow helps me sleep more comfortably while I’m travelling so I am better rested when it’s time to go to work!”

Lack of sleep has been linked to depression, weight gain, lack of concentration and creativity. Studies show that most people need around 7.5 to eight hours’ sleep per day to feel fully rested. Corrigan said: “Our design is different. There’s nothing like it on the market. No-one yet discovered an antidote for jetlag but we’re the next best thing.”

Corrigan added “Life’s about experiences, and if you sleep well you experience more.”

The Trtl Pillow costs £19.95 GBP.

Trtl Pillow

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