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One of the joys of my job is reviewing the latest in luxury swimwear and Bullet Swim is both luxury and also offers a superb range ready for summer 2016. I had the pleasure of discussing Bullet Swim with Stephanie Belknap who designs their swimwear, and if you want to find out what makes this handmade swimwear different, read on…

I Love Your Fun Brightly Coloured Bikinis. What Sets Your Bikinis Apart From Others?
Our suits are handmade, reversible and brightly colored, and while we aren’t the only bikini company offering reversible bikinis, we do set our selves apart with cuts and embellishments that you don’t see every day (like the luger bullet shells swimsuit. Quite honestly, I think our brand message sets us apart the most. We have a campaign called #insideandout where we reward certain ladies for being beautiful on the inside- Just like our bikinis. A customer cannot nominate herself for anything. Our contests are about paying it forward to another woman who typically does more for others than herself.

Which Is Your Favourite Bikini In Your Swimwear Collection?
I design all of the pieces so it’s pretty hard for me to choose. I have an attachment to all of them. I prefer our high necks like our “Mermaid in Manhattan” suit. It has a mermaid print on one side, and the manhattan sky line on the other. New York has a special place in my heart so that may be why I prefer it. I will tell you that my least favorite originally was our “Candy” suit. My partner in the business, Patrick Jags (who is also my partner in life) picked out the fabric and I hesitated to design a piece with it. Turns out, It is our best seller so far. Restocked three times! I think I will be listening to him just a little bit more from now on.

Can You Give My Readers A Sneak Peak On Any Upcoming Trends In Your Future Collections?
With this first collection, I just wanted to go for bright colors. That is always a safe bet with swimwear, especially for your debut line… But this next collection is going to be very different. The summer collection is all about romance. HINT: Really unique cuts, black, white, lace, and sequins. I’m actually drawing some of my inspiration from wedding dress fabrics and lingerie.. I am excited to see how our customers respond to this new super collection.

Have You Any Handy Hints For Looking Stylish By The Pool This Summer?
Yeah, I am currently obsessed with braids. Amazing hair and a great tan is all you need.. And don’t get stuck in the same bikini in every single summer photo. Reversible bikinis are a really cost effective way to change it up with out buying a ton of suits and going reversible also helps you pack a little lighter!

Bullet Swim

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