Edge o’ Beyond Spring Summer 2016 Lingerie

Reviews : Style

Edge o’ Beyond recently released their Spring Summer 2016 collection. It’s as daring as it is sophisticated. So very feminine and so very seductive.

The styling and adornments are of a quality that any fan of Edge o Beyond’s lingerie will of come to expect. The fabrics use to produce the pieces looks exquisite. It all leads to opulent looking lingerie that will never fail to impress.

The staple’s are all there, lace being key to the look with the odd bit of leather thrown in for good measure. Edge o Beyond’s trade mark body jewellery adorns key pieces and really accentuates the look.

The leather Esme range is my particular favourite but to be honest, I shan’t be disappointed this valentines day if I receive any of Edge o Beyond Spring Summer 2016 collection.

Edge o’ Beyond Lingerie

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