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I love walking along a windy beach in spring or fall. When the wind blows cold, a thick scarf that doesn’t fly away is essential

Cashmere Beach Knits is a lifestyle brand specialising in premium unspun wool designs with a focus on ready-to-wear and interior home décor. This hand knit is the perfect item of clothing to combat the wind, being thick and heavy with loads of textures, natural lifestyle and authenticity.

Knitted by a California girl who grew up in San Francisco and currently lives in Los Angeles, her designs are inspired by natural coastal living and focus on organic premium quality mixed with a bit of quirkiness. She loves the idea of perfect imperfection!!! Her love for knitting started as a little girl and she fell in love with mega knitting because of the beautiful texture that the unspun wool creates and the softness of the touch. Her collections are designed to add special luxury to your wardrobe and home.

The entire collection is designed and hand knitted with unspun alpaca, merino and cashmere wool along with custom over size knitting needles to create one of a kind pieces. The techniques create a very unique texture and each design is created to showcase its amazing natural style.

Healthy living includes what you wear and furnish your home with in addition to what you eat and beauty products you use. Cashmere Beach Knits provide the option to incorporate organic, hypoallergenic style to your life.

Cashmere Beach is a sophisticated, premium hand knit brand with and underlining of nostalgia and innovation. These mega knits inspired by the ocean and sunsets and are a must have for windswept walks along a beach, they are one-of-a-kind!

Cashmere Beach Knits

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