Is It Worth Spending Your Avios On British Airways Club Europe?


Having been more than disappointed by the packet of crisps that was thrown at me on my last economy flight from Zurich to London Heathrow, I decided to upgrade my latest British Airways flight to Club Europe. In fact I spent double the Avios air miles that I would have spent on an economy ticket. My London Heathrow to Nice one way trip cost 9,000 Avios + £25 GBP per person instead of 4,500 Avios + £17.50 GBP.

This compares very favourably to the actual Club Europe price of £539 GBP from Gatwick to Nice and £634 GBP from Heathrow to Nice (the routing I prefer as I am a big fan of Terminal 5 and it’s Airport lounges), so spending my Avios on British Airways Club Europe really does seem a rather good idea.

How I achieve over a 5p valuation per Avios air mile
I recently wrote an article on what I believe an Avios mile to be worth and I concluded that a valuation over £0.01 GBP was a good deal. Travelling Club Europe to Nice from Heathrow achieves a valuation of £0.057 GBP per Avios mile redeemed (5 times more than my “good deal” valuation of £0.01 GBP).

This Avios value comes down if you are travelling in economy. Travelling in economy from Gatwick to Nice starts at £53 GBP one way and from Heathrow to Nice starts at £108 GBP (These are baggage inclusive rates as Avios tickets include 1 piece of hold baggage). Both these flights come in at 4,500 Avios + £17.50 GBP peak and 4,000 + £17.50 GBP off peak. So for the Gatwick routing the value of your Avios is £0.008 GBP Peak and £0.009 GBP off peak. From Heathrow to Nice, this valuation whizzes up to £0.02 GBP peak and £0.023 GBP off peak.

Of course by redeeming Avios means you don’t collect Tier Points towards Bronze, Silver or Gold status with British Airways so it is worth taking advantage of British Airways Sales for the bargain Club Class Fares (with Club Europe these can be as low as £100 GBP o/w).

Advantages of travelling British Airways Club Europe in 2016 from Heathrow Terminal 5
The most notable advantages of travelling in Club Europe are:

  • Quicker Club Class check-in desks when you arrive in Terminal 5 which have less of a queue than economy
  • Fast Track security at which speeds your trip to the airport lounge
  • Priority boarding
  • You can take two bags with you on board – one full-sized cabin bag plus a laptop (I take this in economy and have never had a problem)
  • You can check-in up to two bags into the hold
  • You also have complimentary access to the two very good Galleries Club Lounges in Terminal 5. Galleries North which I have reviewed, and Galleries South which I have also reviewed
  • That you don’t have to pay for your food separately! See the new British Airways Buy On Board M&S food menu with prices

I have reviewed my most recent Club Class in flight experience on board separately.

So in answer to the question “Is it worth spending your Avios air miles on British Airways Club Europe?”; the answer is a resounding yes!

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