Sporting Hares – Fashionable British Countryside Bumpkins


Sporting Hares is an award-winning company, initially set up to produce a sunglasses brand that represented the lifestyles of British countryside bumpkins. Designs for a range of preppy sunglasses were submitted, produced and, to the astonishment of the Sporting Team, immediately sold out. And so, Sporting Hares was born.

This exciting brand is shaking up the British country fashion scene. It thrives amongst the stables and barns where it grew up in. Run from a busy, family farm deep within the rural Welsh countryside, Sporting Hares has grown into a multi-product, internationally selling, demanding brand. With a line of handcrafted wooden sunglasses, acclaimed wellingtons, luxurious socks and a press-stopping blazer.

I was fortunate enough to meet up with Marc Brown who runs Sporting Hares, this superb luxury country living brand, to find out what makes Sporting Hares special.

What ranges of clothing items does Sporting Hares make?
The Sporting Hares name bears to many items, however it was only last year we ventured into the clothing market with our stunning, high-performance Beauchamp Blazer. In line with our brand’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality, each Blazer is meticulously crafted by hand and independently inspected to exacting standards.

What about your sunglasses range, what makes them different?
In a world of plastic and metal sunglasses, we saw the natural beauty of wood. Like our blazers, our KINGS sunglasses are handcrafted from select cuts of conservatively-managed wood to produce a finish like no other. They are also entirely lightweight, resulting in exceptional levels of comfort. And, for 2016, we have revolutionised the consumer-buying process by offering a growing range of materials to add to the sunglasses.

Why do you feel qualified to design fashion for the country?
I was born on a working farm. And, 26 years later, continue to be part of this extraordinary way of life. Fusing my background with my design talents and marketing knowledge, I am more than capable of bringing a new, exciting and genuinely authentic brand country brand to the quality-seekers.

Your clothing is particularly popular with those who visit major county shows, horse trials and country shows, what environment is it best designed for?
Our Beauchamp Blazer, made from a luxurious blend of wool, is designed to be a high-performance piece in a range of environments, allowing for a smooth transition from the fields to the town. They can be worn to dress-up a favourite pair of jeans or to add luxury to a day out at a show. It truly is a multi-use item that never lets you down in function and style.

What sort of item will you launch next and why?
The pattern of the Beauchamp is proving highly desirable. We’ve had requests to put it to waistcoats, handbags, purses, gloves and so on. As established performance-boot designers, we may look to the luxury footwear market too.

My favourite items are their superbly thick long socks to wear with wellies and their beautifully sculpted fieldsport boot. Whatever your preference, Sporting Hares is worth a look when preparing for your next country retreat.

Sporting Hares

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