Put That Selfie Stick Down…


Here at Luxury Travel Diary, we know all there is to know about travel, we curate some of the best resorts, hotels and travel accessories available. So when we came across Pictrip we were amazed they had solved a problem that we never knew existed.

That problem is coming home from your vacation with photographs of you and your loved ones that you are truly happy with – we had a quick check around the office and even with our seasoned travellers it’s difficult to get those perfect shots.

We have all been there, taking awkward selfie’s or pestering strangers to take photos of you with loved ones and returning home with photos that just do not represent the amazing journey and experiences you had.

Pictrip believe ‘where a memory fades, a photo lasts forever’ and its so true, what are our travels for if we can’t sit down with the grandkids and share our memories and experiences?

Pictrip pair you with a professional photographer, who is local to the area and knows all of the best spots, so you can concentrate on enjoying your vacation.

They know their stuff too, they will tailor the location and route based on the type of photography you want. What we love in particular is that their style of photography is candid – no cheesy pose and smile shots, just genuine and discreet photography.

As you can probably tell, we are excited about Pictrip and what they are trying to achieve. Rarely does an idea come along that is such a talking point in the Luxury Travel Diary office, we will certainly be giving Pictrip a call next time we are on our travels.

Hire a city photographer in over 20 destinations worldwide including London, Rome, Venice, Paris and New York. If your destination isn’t listed they still maybe able to help.


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