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I was recently introduced to Marie Hell by one of my fashion-obsessed friends in New York. “You must try her dresses, they are SO stylish and yet super comfortable!”. She wasn’t wrong. As a result, Marie Hell dresses are now one of my wardrobe staples.

The Marie Hell collection is made up from a number of beautifully cut dresses which can be worn all day every day and then dressed up or down for evening wear too. Whether you prefer long or short dresses, one sleeved, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, no-sleeved, collared, round necked or off the shoulder, Marie Hell has designed the dress you always dreamed of.

My current favourite is the Peek Tunic dress, a short dress with cute slits in the sleeves and long sleeves for warmth. What I particularly love about this dress is the cut. Around the neck and arms the fit is like a glove and yet not too tight. Previously, I have bought tops with tight arms that either cut me uncomfortably under the armpits or massively constrict my arms. This dress fits me brilliantly around the bust, armpits and the arms themselves. I could do star jumps if I wanted and still be comfortable! Below the bust the material drops in a sleek but slightly billowing design. You need not fear the large lunch that makes your tummy bulge. This dress is a master in concealment and drops down hiding that lunch with no constriction plus it is substantial enough for you to feel protected and warm around your middle even in the shorter dress design. The range of classic colours includes black, heather grey which is really feminine, off white and classic white. Many of the dresses also come in a lovely chocolate-brown.

For the summer, my dress of choice will be the tied tunic in all colours. I will pop these on with my big hat and sunglasses and be cool as a cucumber in the Mediterranean heat. I hope that at some point, Marie Hell will diversify into producing jumpers and jumper dresses too. If this were the case, I would never need to shop anywhere else (except Mr Louboutin’s for shoes to complement my dresses).

Another stroke of genius from Marie Hell is her website, where the model shows exactly what the dress looks like, right down to the length which you can figure out by looking at the model’s knees. Certainly, the length was spot on for me (I am 5’7”) and my mid calf length almost – mini just looks great dressed up with a pair of boots walking around Monaco. Equally, I can sit on my hotel bed all day writing articles while looking superb and unscrumpled in my dress rather than resorting to my tracksuit bottoms or even worse, my not-stylish-at-all pajamas.

So next time I order room service I will open my door looking super gorgeous in Marie Hell attire with the glorious secret that I am as comfortable as if I were wearing my pajamas. I think that is called having the last laugh!

Marie Hell

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