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Lily & Bloom Review – Boutique Luxury In Tel Aviv


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Used as a bank until 2008, this beautiful building was gutted and re-purposed between 2013 and 2015. Situated in the heart of “real Tel Aviv” (as one of the owners put it), this new boutique property pays attention to detail unlike anywhere else. For them, it’s a mix between the loves and collections of the proprietors and the need for a balance of materials. Both style and function play significant roles in this hotel – after all, when you have such little space to work with, you make every m² count! In a cute play on words, the Lily and Bloom hotel takes its name from the street on which it resides: Lilienblum Street. Each piece of art on the walls has a story, each item in the room has a purpose, and as a whole, the hotel offers the perfect respite for both business and leisure travelers.

We stayed in one of their slightly larger rooms on the top, the fourth floor. Still small, it was exactly what you’d expect in a boutique property like this. The Lily and Bloom team left no stone unturned and have planned every inch perfectly. While other hotels this size are treated more like a “guest house” or even a “hostel,” the Lily and Bloom hotel is a full-service hotel with a modern, boutique feel. The bedrooms feature beautiful flooring and a practical workspace against the wall or window. Each room also comes with a few relevant books to help plan your current (or next) world adventure! Our favorite piece was the “Tel Aviv” wall hanging found in each room, which we were told was custom designed and made specifically for the hotel. The space’s functionality is what we loved most; the desk wasn’t cluttered with useless information about the hotel no one would read anyway, rather it’s clean and neat, featuring a few branded envelopes and a stack of branded paper, which seconds as a pencil holder. Again, back to the marriage of style and function! And while we weren’t expecting much in terms of the bathroom, they made sure to deliver! By moving the toilet into what would have otherwise been a second (and unnecessary closet), the bathroom now had enough space for a rather large (rain-fall-style) shower, which was perfect after a long day of touring.

Bar & Restaurant
Lily and Bloom surprised us on all fronts! We didn’t know exactly what to expect for breakfast at a smaller boutique-style hotel but were quite pleasantly surprised at the authentic Israeli spread. Beyond the typical cereals, fruits, bread, and cheeses, the buffet also featured four hot dishes, as well as made-to-order eggs from the kitchen! Who knew such a full-service operation was being run out of this small hotel? We certainly didn’t know, but we couldn’t have been happier. Our favorite dining/bar feature at the property is their nightly Happy Hour, which is complimentary for all guests. Between 6:00 – 8:00 pm, all are invited to take a seat at the lobby bar (or anywhere else on their open and comfortable main floor) and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine and some light snacks; the food portion consisted of a wonderful olive tapenade, some pitted olives, fresh cucumbers, and celery and wonderfully seasoned feta cheese. To think it was all included in the room…!? We really hit the jackpot.

Unlike the major hotels in Tel Aviv, which line the beach-front, Lily and Bloom allows guests to fully envelop themselves in the heart of the city. If you’re the kind of traveler who likes to hit the ground running and not be caught up in the touristy areas and likes to hit “local spots” at night (and even during the day), this property’s location is hard to beat. Not to mention the amazingly friendly staff and warm-hearted service.- a rarity in Israel. This place is still slightly under the radar as it’s only been open since June of 2015, but don’t expect their “hidden gem” status to last. This is a real treat in the midst of Tel Aviv’s hustle and bustle.

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