Origami Unicorn – Organise Your Suitcase Better


How organised is your luggage? Do you compartmentalise each item when your pack, or do you stuff it all in (like me, and much to the exasperation of my husband). Origami Unicorn have come up with an incredibly effective “underwear organiser”. Something that even a person as disorganised as me finds essential when packing. The innovative TUO travel undergarment organiser allows travellers to organise their undergarments or small items neatly in a foldable bag which acts as a portable closet for your trip. Made of water-resistant nylon fabric, with 3 see-through mesh zippered compartments so you can pack and organise undergarments, accessories and small clothing items altogether so you’re ready no matter where you go.

From the daily commute to the intercontinental business flight, from the week end escape to the family vacation, Origami Unicorn design products to make travel more enjoyable and organised.

And why the name? Origami represents the approach of designing better products, by starting with a blank page and carefully crafting products that deliver a delightfully fresh solution, with an obsession for quality, simplicity and convenience. All prototype products are designed in San Francisco, California.

In a nutshell, a combination of zipped compartments keep your undies bagged up and easy to find. This is one of those things that you may not have realised you needed, but once you have one, you won’t want to travel without it.

Origami Unicorn

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