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The innovative Maryne Bassot combines beautiful pieces of swimwear with stunning handmade jewellery that’s used to join the seams of her swimwear together. I was fortunate to meet up with Maryne Bassot and find out what makes her swimwear so special.

I love your red and brown reversible bikini. What sets your bikinis apart from others?
MARYNE BASSOT is a new brand of french luxury swimwear. We offer a new concept of reversible swimsuits that you can personalise with adornments which are removable and interchangeable within and throughout our collections. Based on the desire to offer an alternative to the usual brands, our swimsuits are stylish and timeless wardrobe staples based around this innovative concept. The choice of (textile) colours and jewels allow you to create a one of a kind and personalised swimwear, which you can renew and update based on trends and collections. The swimsuits are made in Italy with high quality Italian fabrics, “lycra pre-approuved” and with “green vision” (Dyes made and tested without harmful substance to the environment). The adornments are made in France with noble wood and semi-precious stones that do not scratch in the sand or fade in the sea or pool water.

Which is your favourite bikini in your swimwear collection?
I must confess that I love them all ! Style can be completely different depending on the colors and the jewels you add … The “Heaven-Eternity” (White-Blue) is really pure and beautiful with the “White Bone” adornment and the “Nero-Tortuga” (Black-Khaki) very elegant with the “Black Onyx” one ! The “Palinuro-Allegria” (Green-Orange) is amazing with the “Goldstone” ornament but also with the “Whi” one ! I may have a slight preference for the “Alchimia-Bear” swimsuit (Red-Brown) with the “Dalmatian Jasper” jewels. This red colour is really magnificent!

Can you give my readers a sneak peak on any upcoming trends in your future collections?
For this summer (2016), we choose colour-block playing with matt and satined-shiny fabrics. The adornments are inspired by Native American culture with hair pipes, wood, semi-precious stones etc… For future collections, we will use printed and textured fabrics and we will create new forms, plus we would like to collaborate with jewelery brands and create limited and special creations.

Finally, i always think bikinis look best with high heals, but heals can be tricky around the pool and in the sand – have you any handy hints for looking stylish by the pool this summer?
For this summer, the trend is to elegance and attitude. Wear your MARYNE BASSOT swimsuit with jewels, a long chiffon wrap-dress with sleeves, belted at the waist, slit on the sides, in a very flowing and soft material, revealing the body’s curves.

Less is more with accessories: lovely gold flat sandals or wedge heels, a hat and large round or butterfly sunglasses (60-70’s spirit). NO jewels : you already have on your swimsuit! Wavy and salty hair, beautifully tanned (and protected) skin, nails impeccably made and a touch of lipstick! You’ll be perfect!

Maryne Bassot

  • Maryne Bassot Swimwear
    Maryne Bassot Swimwear

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