Picture Review Of Etihad A380 First Apartments


I have put together a picture review of the Etihad First Apartments. These pictures were taken on the Etihad A380 from London to Dubai and were kindly shared by Tom, one of our Luxury Travel Diary readers.

What do you get when you fly on Etihad in their First Apartments?
The nine First Apartments in First Class are private living spaces featuring a reclining lounge chair and an ottoman, upholstered in Poltrona Frau leather, which opens up to become a separate 80.5 inch long fully flatbed. Each First Apartment offers a 74 percent increase in space over the airline’s current award-winning First Class Suites, a 24 inch LCD TV monitor, and personal vanity unit. A fully equipped shower room is available for the exclusive use of First Class guests. The most noteworthy features of Etihad First Apartments are the space, the privacy, and the dining.

Food Review On Etihad in their First Apartments
You can see the quality of the food on offer in the pictures below. The steak, in particular, is excellent, and the entire Etihad First menu is impressive. Presentation is on real china plates, and tea comes in its own bone china teapot. There is an la carte menu, but if you don’t want what is on offer, the chef will prepare something special for you. The wine and champagne are vintage and excellent, or you can choose your favorite cocktail on board. When you consider the kitchen restraints on board, the food offering is beyond impressive!

Also available for Etihad First passengers is the Lobby, a luxurious lounge located between the First Class and Business Class cabins, with two comfortable leather sofas and a staffed bar serving snacks and drinks. Finally, one must not forget the on board shower. Is there anything more indulgent than showering in the sky and getting off the plane refreshed and clean?

Flying in a first-class Apartment between London and Dubai costs around £4,000 GBP return. Certainly, this new level of luxury is tempting this luxury traveler into changing her loyalty from British Airways to these high-end Etihad Cabins.

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