Curve Card Reviewed – The Best Card For Spending Abroad


Update August 2016: This card no longer enables you to recharge transactions to an American Express. Curve is now offering a very good Curve Card Rewards Program that is worth looking into. You might also want to look at the Lloyds Avios Rewards Card which charges no foreign exchange fees when spending abroad and bonus Avios points.

Curve is a payment card which enables you to use American Express anywhere that a prepaid MasterCard is accepted. You simply use Curve at a retailer which only accepts MasterCard, and your purchase will be re-charged to your American Express card as a purchase.

This means that you can collect Avios or American Express points in places where Amex is not accepted. These points and miles will count towards any sign-up bonuses including your annual British Airways Amex 2-4-1 Avios companion voucher and your Lloyds Avios Amex card sign up bonus and upgrade voucher.

Collect Free Avios From Cash Withdrawals With The Curve Payment Card
A major advantage of the Curve card is that you can withdraw cash at a UK cash machine or ATM, and the withdrawal will be re-charged to your American Express card as a purchase. This means that you can earn miles or points on cash withdrawals (including Avios if you have a British Airways American Express credit card or Lloyds Avios credit card).

Advantages Of The Curve Card For Withdrawals and Spending Abroad
Purchases made outside the UK are subject to a 1% fee. This compares with the standard 3% fee on most UK credit and debit cards. The Lloyds Avios Card is however the best deal when making purchases abroad as it does not charge the 1% fee. If you drop me an email I can supply you with a referral (as a referrer we both get 4,500 points)

Cash machine withdrawals outside the UK are subject to a £2 GBP fee plus 1% FX fee which is a great deal. This makes the Curve card the best card to withdraw money abroad as it incurs less FX fees and accumulates American Express points or Avios.

Summary Of Advantages Of Curve Card
Free Avios or American Express points on cash withdrawals within the UK.
Avios or American Express points on purchases made at vendors who do not accept American Express but do accept prepaid MasterCard.
Curve currently offers the best deal when spending on your card abroad with a 1% fee whilst earning you Amex points and miles.

Should I Apply For A Curve Card?
If you collect Avios or any kind of American Express points this card is a no brainer. If you are collecting Avios with the BA Amex or need to reach a target sign-up spend or ongoing target such as the British Airways Amex 2-4-1 free flight voucher, this card is again a no brainer and will help you reach your target. If you spend abroad, the Curve card will save you money on any purchases you make while away because of its lower fees and ability to accumulate points.

What Else Should I Know About The Curve Card?
Curve is targeting small businesses owners but as there is no requirement to own a registered company in order to apply (no proof is asked for)so what you choose to say on the application form is left at your own discretion. The fee is £35 GBP for the basic card and you need an iOS smartphone to download the Curve app onto. Thats it. You can link as many other Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards as you like to the app

Are Their Cashback Or Any Voucher Codes For Applying For The Curve Card
At the moment you should apply for the £35 GBP card as the Curve Rewards loyalty scheme related to the £75 GBP card is an unknown and has not been launched. If you apply through the link below you will get £10 GBP cashback (as will I). Apply for the Curve Card. My referral code, if it doesn’t track automatically, is NRJWI. This means that the net cost of joining up is only £25 GBP and not £35 GBP. The £10 GBP is credited once you make the first transaction on your card.

You then need to download the Curve App where you can unite and monitor all your credit cards.

Curve Card

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