NASA developed REVO Ski Goggles On Review


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One of the most essential pieces of ski and snowboard wear that you’ll need to buy this season are Goggles. Ask any skier or snowboarder and they will tell you that nothing is worse than when you can’t see while you’re on a challenging run, so investing in a quality set of goggles, with decent protection for your eyes and face, is essential.

Ski and snowboard goggles offer you basic protection from cold temperatures and wind. But when it’s time to choose what goggles to purchase, there are certain aspects you will need to consider besides the basics. In my pursuit to find the very best Goggles in the market, I had the pleasure of trying out the newest Polarized Photochromatic Technology from the global relaunched masters of performance REVO…

So who are REVO? REVO Eyewear has been designed using NASA coating technologies from the space helmet and satellite sun protection systems. REVO continues to be recognized for its pioneering Polarised lens technology and frame innovation that was originally developed alongside RayBan. Today’s goggle collection offers stylish, true comfort, forged with the world’s leading optical lens clarity.

The ‘NASA developed’ world-leading Polarised UV500 lens technology incorporate High Energy Blue Light management coatings, known as HEV. This newly recognized light wave is damaging our retina and causing Age-Related Macular Degeneration/AMD. Utilizing a unique coating monomer REVO has eliminated this harmful blue light on all their Goggles (and Sunglasses alike). The Revo Polarized Photochromatic Light Management™ (PPLM) SYSTEM incorporates another brand new technology story called REVO Ice Master TM Polarized. Always known for innovative LMS technology, Revo debuts a new photochromatic goggle lens that allows in 68% of the available light in its unactivated state and then darkens to block 88% of light in its activated state. This lens makes automatic adjustments for every light condition encountered on the mountain. Ultimately offering a single lens super solution for all environments including white-out and low light, through to bright and intense sunshine.

Perhaps you don’t need to know quite this level of information about your goggle lens but be assured that you will not suffer from glare, Polarized filters, or unwanted reflections with these beauties. In addition, normal polarized Goggle lenses eliminate the visibility of compressed, black, or sheet ice on the slopes (which can be very dangerous) the new REVO Ice Master TM Polarized Goggle Technology enables the wear to interpreted such conditions whilst still optimizing unwanted glare – a true industry first. Even first-time Skiers & Boarders will benefit from visual understanding & awareness of all ice and snow types.

REVO’s heritage mirror coatings Blue Water and Green Water, and the newly introduced Solar Orange, deliver the famous Revo experience – outstanding protection, color enhancement, light management, and innovative style. REVO’s NASA grade mirror coating reduces dryness to the eyes by deflecting more inferred heat than any other brand in the market. This offers greater comfort and fewer tears streaming from the eyes.

Yep, these goggles seem to do anything and everything, and are they are set to replace my standard polarised lense goggles on my next ski trip. I have gone for the Solar Orange; the warmth of this color shade can’t fail to lift your mood. I wonder if their color would counteract the grey of the British skies too…

Standard Wholesale for these models is £200 GBP RRP however we’ve found them for less at Select Specs who is an official REVO Goggle partner.

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