London’s First Luxury Spa App USPAAH Launches


Ex-UBS Banker Iglika Ghouse, now Founder and CEO of USPAAH, was a time-poor City worker who saw a gap in the market for an on-demand beauty services app when she frequently failed to book these services within an hour of wanting them.

USPAAH, a revolutionary marketplace-type app connects clients to highly-trained professionals in real time: catering to people with hectic lives and refined lifestyles by bringing qualified health and beauty professionals to your doorstep within an hour of booking.

“We know our clients’ time is valuable so we made the booking process as easy as can be,” comments Iglika. No more planning ahead or calling around. With Londoners working increasingly long hours, USPAAH’s geolocation and live availability system instantly matches clients with professionals in real time, like Uber for the spa industry.

Having worked in a corporate environment where a polished appearance is part and parcel of the job, Iglika can appreciate the importance of a weekly manicure and blowdry for women in top professions in London.

Whilst USPAAH delivers consistent high quality treatments, the need for an on-demand relaxing experience where people can switch off is also being met. Iglika recognised that for someone working long hours, a massage can be the perfect antidote to alleviate any back pain, muscle soreness whilst also boosting circulation, a problem that, according to the NHS Workplace health resources resulted in 30.6 million working days being lost in 2013 due to work-related back, neck and muscle problems.

By bringing last minute convenience, coupled with the quality of a luxury spa and an automated payment system, USPAAH provides an unparalleled experience, superior to anything else available. Furthermore, all USPAAH’s ‘Spaahristas’ are certified, insured, background-checked, and personally vetted by the USPAAH team. They are carefully selected to ensure the highest level of customer service and professionalism. The Spaahristas also only use premium, high quality, and professional range products for all the treatments.

USPAAH aims to be the number one on demand beauty and wellness service for clients to use, and the number one platform for freelance professionals to join.  Iglika’s vision also extends far beyond improving the lives of USPAAH’s clients. “We want to change the lives of our therapists as well, by giving them the compensations they truly deserve while bridging the gap between flexible demand and working hours – We’ve got a great opportunity to improve and truly make a positive change in someone’s life,” explains Iglika.

USPAAH app is available for iOS and is free to download.


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