Beau Satchelle – Handbags Made With Love


Beau Satchelle produces beautiful quality bespoke leather handbags, cases, luggage, and connoisseur luxuries handcrafted in old-world European style. These pieces aren’t mass-produced. Each bespoke handbag actually takes over 25 hours to design, hand-dyed, cut, assemble and hand stitch for an instant one of a kind classic to last for many years to come.

You’re unlikely to ever see a similar bag- there simply aren’t enough made, so when you buy a Beau Satchelle, you will own a piece made with love and you will have the luxury of knowing you will never see anyone with a bag quite like it.

T Michael, who designs these bespoke creations, carefully crafts these works of art and is committed to reviving the time-honored tradition of hand-stitched luxury leather goods. Made exclusively from luxurious and exotic skins, premium hides, and hardware, he meticulously builds his distinctive products to meet his discerning and sophisticated client’s needs. More importantly, after working with focus groups, he has a heightened awareness of a women’s needs when it comes to handbags and leather luxuries. The colors he chooses are simply lovely, the shape so pleasing, the styling so unique.

And the name of the company ‘Beau Satchelle’ or ‘Beautiful Handbag’. My handbag is beautiful and ‘J’aime cela’.

Beau Satchelle

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