Hacienda & Ecolodge Morgan’s Rock Review, Playa Ocotal


Hacienda & Ecolodge Morgan’s Rock

Located In Nicaragua

Hacienda & Ecolodge Morgan’s Rock is located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, on the edge of a 4,000-acre expanse of Nicaraguan jungle and on the shores of the most idyllic beach. In this private protected reserve, you can enjoy a glorious private beach bordered by an unspoiled lush jungle, along with all its associated wildlife.

Beach Bungalows
Fifteen exquisite bungalows, constructed of natural materials are tucked gracefully into the jungle (nearly all of these bungalows boast a gorgeous view of the hacienda’s private beach). These luxury accommodations were constructed and furnished by a renowned sustainable wood and furniture company. Set into the treetops, each three-sided bungalow is perched on a cliff 30-100 feet over the private beach and cove, just across a 50-yard jungle suspension bridge.  Each bungalow accommodates up to five people and the balcony is a highlight, with a queen size day bed suspended by thick marine rope, setting an appropriately relaxed pace for the duration of your stay. Enjoy a morning coffee, a glass of wine with the sunset, or a well-deserved nap in your day bed while soaking in stunning vistas and unparalleled wildlife. Expect to see howler monkeys, languorous sloths hanging from the trees, and a variety of vibrant tropical birds.

Adding an authentic touch to the rooms is the artwork of Nicaraguan artist Augusto Silva which features designs inspired by indigenous civilizations of Nicaragua, specifically the Tunu. Plus, you’ll be happy to know you can return at the end of a long, enjoyable day to a hot shower (solar-powered and always reliable), a pleasant ambiance, and the soothing rhythm of waves rolling into shore, sure to lure you into sweet dreams.

A short walk from your bungalow, the hotel restaurant serves up authentic and delicious local specialties as well as other international fare always using the freshest ingredients grown on-site. The outdoor restaurant is located on a shady platform overlooking the pool, surrounded by forest, and beyond it the private beach and cove. Guests are invited to sit back with a glass of wine, perhaps some freshly caught seafood, and of course the complimentary stunning sunsets which are a nightly treat.

Pool and Beach
Beyond the open-air dining room and veranda, the serenity of the lodge’s pool is yours to enjoy as well as a mile-long stretch of sandy beach where you’ll undoubtedly be spending plenty of time. The beach is just perfect, it is a long beach and great for strolls in the evenings. There are also thatched huts where you can relax in the shade and you can bodyboard using the hotel’s bodyboards.

At night you can go down to the beach and watch baby turtles hatched and released into the wild – a truly unforgettable experience! Beach bonfires are also a fun way to while away the evening and these are done to perfection at Hacienda & Ecolodge Morgan’s Rock.

The beachside yoga pagoda is not far away, as are enticing lounge chairs and tropical straw huts awaiting you shore-side should you decide to leave your beautiful accommodations and explore.

Whatever your preferences are – whether you’re interested in yoga, fine dining, getting to know the locals, volunteer work, nature hikes, horseback riding, surfing, massage, yoga, fishing, or just relaxing in a beautiful place far from home (or all of the above!), Hacienda & Ecolodge Morgan’s Rock will offer you an unforgettable experience.

From the private beach to the jungle setting, to the privacy, to the freshest food, this place has it all.  Fall asleep to the crashing of the waves, in the night you might be lucky enough to experience thunderstorms and to watch lightning illuminate the ocean. During the day enjoy the freshest breakfast, and then take a jungle trek or stroll down to the beach to laze or attempt to ride the powerful Pacific waves. Early evening is for walks along the private beach, and falling asleep in the hammocks that adorn each beach hut. Later on, admire the fiery sunsets and starry nights that punctuate each day. This is the kind of spellbinding place that really makes you appreciate the beauty of nature and like many other guests, the chances are that your first visit will not be your last!

The nearest airport to Hacienda & Ecolodge Morgan’s Rock is Managua airport in Nicaragua’s capital. This modern international airport is about 3 hours (by car) north of Morgan’s Rock.

Hacienda & Ecolodge Morgan’s Rock

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