Trubikini The Ultimate Black Bikini

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I have many wonderful bikinis. They range in colour from silver and glittery right through to lurid yellow with pineapple designs, but most of the time I gravitate straight to my little black bikinis (much like my little back dress). Black bikinis go with everything – all my cover ups, my flip flops and my heels. They even go perfectly if I slip on a  pair of jeans and a sheer top after a dip. Black is the most versatile and stylish bikini colour, so when in doubt, I choose black.

In Trubikini’s little black collection, you can choose any colour of bikini… as long as it is black! Instead of focusing on colours and fabric patterns, their energies go into designing the perfect triangle bikini. Their Little Black Bikini collection offers timeless and sophisticated styles using the most luxurious Italian fabrics and offering really great fit. A great fit whilst sunbathing on a yacht. a great fit whilst snorkelling in the ocean. a great fit whilst diving into the pool or joining the kids on a water slide – you will have no worries about your top slipping off or your bottoms ballooning off in jets of water. Trubikini’s philosophy is all about choice. Choice of an excellent range of sizes. Mix and match tops and bottoms. Removable padding. Choice of three different matching pant styles. All working perfectly together to create the ultimate bikini. If you are looking for black, look nowhere else.


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