Suunto Kailash – A Smartwatch For Luxury Travel


Mount Kailash is a holy Tibetan peak that has never been climbed. It symbolizes the drive of people who constantly push boundaries and is said to be the mountain with the most energy around it, which inspires the spirit of adventure.

Handmade in Finland, the Suunto Kailash is built and designed for all your travels and adventures. What does this mean? Put simply it has a mountain of functions all of which are useful and fun for any luxury traveller. The animated display can show current time together with the information of your choice, such as altitude, sunrise/sunset, or your daily step count. It is always on time thanks to the automatic, smart time and location updates through GPS and GLONASS.

This fantastic bit of kit is not only useful as a training tool but also ideal for an everyday watch. It is a big statement watch without looking ridiculous even on a slim persons wrist. The stylish and precision-machined titanium bezels of Suunto Kailash are fully corrosion resistant and ready to weather all your adventures. A precision cut and polished sapphire crystal forms the watch glass which is highly scratch resistant, making it ideal for every day wear and a feature sorely missing on my i-phone! The watch is also lightweight whilst remaining strong.

There is also a whizzy 7R App for your iPhone captures and visualizes your travels on the Adventure Timeline™ and allows you to easily share them with friends. Pair the 7R App with your Suunto Kailash to get notifications on your watch and a more visual timeline of your travels shown on the phone.

Most of this doesn’t matter to me. I like the step count for my hikes, I like the sunrise/sunset feature too, but I mainly rate watches on whether they are impressive in an expensive hotel bar and the Suunto Kailash definitely ticks that box!

Suunto Kailash

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