Masters Of Mayfair Luxury Sleep Masks


I am not a great sleeper. In fact my better half and I are such bad sleepers that we have been known to leave a hotel room at 3:00 am and drive the 4 hour drive home rather than endure a night listening to the neighbours TV through an adjoining door. I have a short list of essentials that must travel with me. These include ear plugs (although these don’t always work!), glasses, basic makeup and of course sleep mask.

I am as fussy about my sleep mask as my hotel. “Complimentary” aeroplane masks are rarely good enough. I can’t bear feeling like I have an elastic band around my head constricting my skin and pressing in on my eyeballs. My prefered sleep mask is by Masters of Mayfair. Why? Because they have a lovely silky feel and being antibacterial, they don’t irritate my skin. They are infused with lavender which does seem to help me sleep (I also swear by lavender pillow sprays). The clips and elastic make the eye mask a snug fit without digging in or constricting my head.

Perhaps the pillow sprays, earplugs and sleep mask are simply my bedtime routine and purely a placebo in terms of getting me to sleep. As long as they work I don’t care! My mask is the Piccadilly Pink.

Masters Of Mayfair

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