Langlais International Luggage Delivery Review

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Hand luggage only bookings on airlines like British Airways always look incredible value. Add in the convenience of arriving at the airport at the last possible moment and not having to wait around at the carousels to collect your suitcases, and travel without checking in luggage seems like a no-brainer. The problem is that I love to take a big selection of shoe options, a couple of nice coats and a skip full of top and legging options. When I ski I have the horror of lugging ski equipment too- why do they make ski boots so damn heavy!

Fear not, dear reader. When you have too many shoes, clothes, coats and skis, the answer is Langais. I used them on my latest ski trip and have found them to be super helpful and unbelievably useful. Langlais is the UK’s leading luxury luggage service. They specialise in providing the perfect experience for travelling luggage free, by collecting luggage anywhere in the world and delivering to any desired location.

My Experience of Langlais
The process of sending off my bags with Langlais was completely painless. I arranged for 3 bags to be collected which contained my skis, hubbys snowboard and a very large bag of boots, jumpers helmets and shoes. I packed a week in advance. I printed off the way bills and following the simple email instructions. Using a rather large amount of gaffer or gorilla tape (essential when using a service like this) I stuck the labels to the bags, et voila, all done!

The driver arrived in his allocated time slot (he was a standard delivery courier in a DHL van) and took our bags, assuring me that my Louboutins were not going to go missing as he stuck a second sticky label on the bags to doubly ensure they got to the right place. Then he drove off. The cost came to around £100 per bag return.

And guess what! When we arrived at the Almhof Schneider hotel in Lech, there were my bags. Sitting happily in the corner of our room, no hassle and no lugging. Marvelous.

The way back was just as good. We left the hotel with our bags and in under a week later they were delivered to our doorstep. Langais are like little angelic storks, flying your luggage to from your doorstep to your hotel. I can now take as many bags as I like (all insured!) but can travel through the airport efficiently, quickly and in style, knowing that my bags are waiting for me in my room at the other end. I will be using them again and again.


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