Marbella Club Kids Club – Never Grow Up!


The kids club at the Marbella Club is easily the best of its type that I’ve come across on my travels. It’s rare for me to give anything such a strong accolade, but the Marbella Club’s kids club really is exceptional. The facilities are amazing, the activities put on for the kids are terrific and effort the staff put into entertaining the children in their care is fantastic.

Built in what was originally the villa, garage and courtyard of Prince Alfonso’s residence, and reached through a large and secure gate, this large and secluded part of the Marbella Club is simply paradise for kids. The club is set out around a large but cosy central courtyard. In this courtyard there is a open-air shelter with a straw roof packed full of bean bags for chilling out and night-time movie watching. Open air benches sit to one side of the courtyard for lunch and a central bench showcases an array of kids creations like candles, bath-bombs and art. Leading off the courtyard are numerous rooms for creating and playing. In one room the creative kids were making gorgeously scented cat shaped soaps. Outside the more active kids played football, versions of tag and hide and seek. While we stayed it was halloween and the whole space had been given a wonderfully spooky makeover: pumpkins and candles created by the kids adorned every surface, fluffy spiders were crammed into corners and witches hats hung from the roof of the chill out area.

The expanse of rooms and play areas goes on with a painting room, a music room where discos are held, a very young kids room, another movie / games room, a library, a grassy pitch, an all-weather mini football pitch and a shallow pool area. All the areas are dressed with all sorts of nicknacks and allurements, giving the whole club a playful and creative feel. Kids aren’t just confined to the club though, as long as the weather allows, the team of staff also take the children down to the beach for all sorts of activities like kayaking, canoeing, biking and surfing.

2015 is the first year that this little paradise for kids will be open all year round. Over the half-term there were between 10 and 15 children that were being looked after by around 5 or 6 members of staff, in the summer holidays the numbers expand to 25-30 kids.

My son loved the active games and improved his goal scoring skills thanks to, “the big guy”, called Ryan who had never-ending energy and a brilliant imagination in creating active games. Being a girl, I was very tempted to join the scented soap workshop – the resulting soaps looked so very professional!

This is a kids club that will leave parents lazing in the sunshine without any trace of guilt, secure in the knowledge that the kids are having just as much fun as you. We’ll be returning next year, the kids club being a very big factor in making the Marbella Club our number one autumn half-term choice.

Marbella Club Kids Club

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