Jewelry Made From Wine Barrels


And now for something completely different. Perhaps you have tried sticking a candle in an empty bottle of Dom Perignon? A fun centrepiece and an excuse to sip a fine beverage. If you like to recycle in innovative ways these guys might just appeal to you. Cask Jewelry takes creative upcycling to a new level. They create stylish, high-end jewelry out of wine barrels!

Located in Napa Valley, Kyle and Amy Goleno, who grew up in the region, have always been surrounded by the wine tourism business. With so much access to excellent wine, they have collected and enjoyed many bottles as well as visiting many of the local wineries and touring through them. Their house, like many in the wine country, has wine related decor and kids crafts made from corks. Wine barrels are also easy to come by and commonly repurposed into a multitude of items… but Kyle and Amy had never seen anyone make jewelry out of wine barrels. Wearing a ring made from a wine barrel seemed like the coolest idea. With a passion for wine and a love for wine country, having a wine barrel ring was the perfect celebration.

Cask Jewelry launched in 2015. Each piece of wood is hand selected to create a piece of jewelry that showcases the color and characteristics of the wine barrel it came from. Because of this, there are some variations in the jewelry and each piece is completely unique. Choose from rings, pendants and cufflinks, all set in tungsten.

I have always found it difficult to find a unique gift for my better half. This jewelry is perfect for the wine connoisseur because you are wearing an item made from the cask of a fine wine, which surely must be enjoyed with a glass of fine wine? Chin Chin!

Cask Jewelry

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