Green Leaf Boutique Hotel In Cambodia Opens

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Tourism with a conscience does not come more genuine than the Green Leaf Boutique Hotel. Owned and operated by Canadian humanitarian workers, Green Leaf Boutique Hotel promises guests a unique and luxurious experience in this eco-friendly and green establishment. With profits going towards a very unique and revolutionary water purification program, which will be using seeds from the Moringa tree in order to provide free and clean drinking water to the less fortunate around the world.

Projects funded through the hotel revenues include:
– Production & Distribution of the Moringa water purification powder for free to families with no access to clean water
– Helping local farmers grow their own Moringa trees
– Water & Health education programs in rural communities
– Local Children’s hospital
– Local Orphanages
– Families living on the floating villages of Tonle Sap lake

With tourism numbers doubling in the past three years, Siem Reap was recently announced as the #2 tourist destination in the world by TripAdvisor. With Angkor Wat as the #1 destination according to Lonely Planet.

“Cambodians are some of the most hospitable people in the world. Instead of taking advantage of the massive influx of tourism and profiting from it, we decided to use the revenue from the hotel and do something good with it. We strongly promote sustainable tourism, eco-tours and health retreats. Basically tourism with a cause. You will feel good about your stay knowing that the money you spend is helping the community.” says Amir Azimi, co-founder of the hotel.

Guests staying at Green Leaf Boutique Hotel will not only experience an amazing stay, but they will also have the chance if they wish, to be educated on the Moringa tree and the water purification methods from this natural and renewable resource. Guests can also take part in several volunteer projects locally if they wish.

The co-founders, and operators of Green Leaf Boutique Hotel have over 12 years of experience in humanitarian work and hospitality industry, with close to 30 humanitarian deployments worldwide to natural disasters.

Green Leaf Boutique Hotel

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