Bed Bugs Become Frequent Fliers In Business Class


In 2011 Yahoo executive, Zane Selkirk, was chomped up by bed bugs on a British Airways flight. Whether you travel economy or business, no one is immune to this kind of infestation. In this situation, British Airways were forced to remove 2 planes from service and to fumigate the infestation. But the last thing you want is to bring these little buggers back home.

There is now a solution to this rather revolting problem – one of the latest innovations in travel technology and one that is sadly necessary in the battle with these mites. ThermalStrike luggage treats your belongings, killing any bed bugs that might be lurking – before you unpack. The technology is built-in. Simply connect the luggage to the cable, plug it in, and set the timer to begin automatically treating your belongings. All heating and safety components are TSA and FAA compliant.

With increased travel, bed bugs have made a comeback, and have returned stronger than ever. Infestations have been found in residential areas, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, movie theaters, retail stores, universities and public schools, and even on airplanes. The National Pest Management Association recommends exposure to temperatures above 118°F for bed bug management. ThermalStrike Luggage is designed to exceed these temperatures to kill all stages of bed bugs and eggs, while regulating temperatures that are safe for most items.

The heat technology integrated within the case reaches over 120°F core temperature to kill all life-stages of bed bugs. it is 100% effective, non-toxic and chemical-free.

The great thing about this luggage is that it is in itself, lightweight and strong so can use it to travel whether or not you decide to zap any unwanted bugs. The cases are made of toughened aluminum with a 3-position telescoping trolley handle, a cushioned, rubber grip carry handle, four 360-degree rotation wheels, 2 large, interior zippered compartments, an interior pocket for easy access to small items as well as a TSA-approved integrated lock

The luggage comes in 2 sizes. A 20” carry-on and a 24” upright case and they are made in the USA. Having the option to cleanse belongings is a great idea and with bed bugs on the rise, why take the risk? Now all I need is a bag that also launders my clothing and I will never need to go home!

ThermalStrike Luggage

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