Review Of British Airways Singapore Concorde Bar & Lounge


After a four-month refurbishment, British Airways has transformed it’s business and first class lounge at Singapore’s Changi Airport. The centerpiece of the new British Airways Singapore Lounge is the Concorde Bar. An exclusive lounge for BA’s elite first class passengers and top-tier Executive Club frequent flyers.

How do I gain access to the British Airways Singapore Lounge
The British Airways Singapore Lounge will open its door daily from 3:00 pm until the 11:15 pm departure of flight BA16 to London. To enter, you need to be traveling in British Airways first class and business class. You can also get in if you hold a British Airways Executive Club Silver and Gold card or the Oneworld Sapphire and Emerald equivalents (such as Qantas Frequent Flyer Gold and Platinum, and Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club Gold and Diamond members).

The lounge has been designed well. On the left side of the lounge, you have zones of seating all the way down, with leather armchairs and sofas for people traveling together. In the middle, people can sit on stools and have something to eat or drink, do work and look down on the airport concourse. This area also contains the food offering and BA’s signature champagne bar. At the far end is a work area with workstations and wireless printing. The look is elegant but contemporary with lots of rather appealing sparkly light effects (see pictures above and below this review).

The Singapore Concorde Bar Review
The Concorde Bar borrows uses the same Concorde Room brand as the airline’s flagship London Heathrow lounges. While not a full-on lounge and dining area like the elite Concorde Rooms at London and New York, the Concorde Bar draws is similar, if smaller, in design and style. Entry is restricted to the most elite luxury travelers who are traveling in first class as well as Executive Club Gold Concorde Room Card-holders plus invitation-only Executive Club Premier members. Designed to be a sanctuary for first class passengers you can only get in using a passcode, or via the attendant who greets you on arrival and will open the door. This keeps the lounge exclusive for those in the know.

The Concorde Bar has seating for 41 high flyers with some couples’ sofas, seven private booths, a high-top table for working, and again high-backed leather winged chairs. The Concorde Bar has a completely different and innovative design when compared to the rest of the Singapore lounge. Black Nero marble is mixed with blackened oak flooring, and electric walls display the sky of Singapore on the ceiling, and on the walls, they will project views of Singapore, which will all change according to the time of day, so it feels like are overlooking the backdrop of Singapore.

Image courtesy of British Airways.