Travelling is something everyone loves. Seeing new places, making new memories and experiencing new things can never be a boring activity. However the hassle is always when the planning starts. From selecting cities to choosing places to see, things to do, arranging the perfect itinerary and hotels to stay at, everything is a long and tedious process. JustOrbit has put in their best efforts to reduce the pain of surfing multiple websites to finalize a perfect trip by the travellers. And in today’s world where everyone is extremely busy, sitting together and discussing the trip becomes very difficult. Thus, most of the time the trip is cancelled or pushed to an unspecified date in the near future.

JustOrbit is a unique travel planning platform that specializes in creating itineraries for their users around the world. They offer a unique travel planning feature that includes creating itineraries of different destinations and discussing it with the co-travellers on the same platform. At Just Orbit the user can start the procedure of travel planning from scratch as it also helps in choosing a right destination for travelling.

What makes it user friendly is that they offer a 360 degree solution to their users who are planning a trip. Starting from choosing destinations, their information like where to visit, creating itineraries, travel expert help, hotels, tour packages, bookings etc. Surfing various websites, looking for important information, comparing the ratings and rates etc. can be very time consuming. For this reason Just Orbit offers everything that solves every problem faced at each step of travel planning. The users can also ask for creating itinerary from their travel expert by using their “Travel Plan by the Expert” feature. In this the user gets a fully customized day-by-day itinerary as per the user’s interest and that too free of cost.

The website also feature amazing travel deals for the customers who can book it online. These travel deals are the products of the verified local destination agents of the various countries around the world. The users can even ask for a customised travel package according to their needs and preferences. The most amazing feature is the Group travel planning which has targeted the pain area of planning a trip with multiple travellers. The Group Travel Planning feature involves steps like creating an itinerary, sharing it with the other co-travellers, discussing the whole trip and finalization of the plan. While creating a plan the users can also see their itinerary on a map which makes it easier for them to witness the feasibility of their plan. The co-travellers can also comment over others’ plan to make amendments in their trips. After all the discussions the users can freeze the final plan and also ask for the quotation for the trip.

The main aim of Just Orbit is to make travel planning as easy as possible for their users which is surely being done by its user friendly design and features.


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