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Now I don’t claim to be an adrenaline sports enthusiast that truly puts the strength and design of my sunglasses to the test, however I am renowned for sitting and standing on my sunglasses at least once a season and occasionally giving my sunglasses to my 18 month old, just to get 2 seconds peace, and the next thing you know an arm has been wrenched off or the glasses now have teeth marks in them!? So although I’m not testing these frames on the slopes, I am putting them through the mill.

So, who are Sili I hear you ask, well they are a company dreamed up by necessity rather than desire; a bunch of individuals who love extreme sports and were quite frankly tired of constantly breaking their frames doing the things they love. To solve this problem they simply created a pair of great looking, durable sunglasses that come apart on impact with the slopes, sand or anything else for that matter. Made from an extremely flexible, shatter resistant and light polymer, Sili Sunglasses bend but bounce right back to their original shape and their polarised lenses have UV400 protection ensuring excellent levels of vision clarity. The material is also lighter than your usual sunglasses plastic making them seriously comfortable to wear all day long.

Part of the fun with Sili Sunglasses is that you can create a pair to truly reflect your personality (or simply just to go with a specific outfit – more my style!) using their interactive builder tool. Choose the frame, choose the arms and choose the lenses – et voila, one pair of custom made Sili Sunglasses designed by you. I had a go at this and it was really quick and easy to do and there are plenty of colours and finishes to choose from, the only issue I had was making my mind up… which took quite a while. However, to combat those of us that are less decisive than others, Sili have an extra option of adding additional arms to your sunglasses order – genius! So I purchased 2 pairs of Sili Sunglasses with 2 sets of extra arms which now means I have 6 frame combinations to choose from – perfect! And what do I think of them? I think they’re rather amazing: retro in style, almost like original Ray Ban’s, SO light and great fun to mix and match, plus my daughter enjoyed playing with them on a 4 hour drive down to Cornwall and I’m pleased to say they’re still in one piece!

This truly is the last pair of sunglasses you’ll ever need – enough said!

Sili Sunglasses

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