Norwegian Airlines Long-Haul B787-9 Dreamliner Review


Norwegian Airlines has just ordered another two Boeing B787-9 Dreamliners to enter service on its long-haul routes for the summer of 2017. The number of Dreamliners in Norwegian’s fleet will reach 19 by 2018. Norwegian Airlines also has eight B787-8s with 11 B787-9s on order.

Norwegian Long-Haul B787-9 Dreamliner Economy Review
For a smidge over £150 GBP one-way, Norwegian Airlines offers some of the best value transatlantic flights available at the moment. Norwegian configures its B787-9 Dreamliner into 35 seats in premium economy and 309 in economy. In economy, the seat pitch is 31-32 inch which is average compared to other airlines including BA and Virgin. Pictures of the Norwegian Airlines economy seating can be found below. Economy is in a 2-3-2 seating configuration.

Features of the Long-Haul B787-9 Dreamliner that benefit all classes include a brand new and spacious cabin with soft LED lighting and large dimmable windows, which are more than 30 percent larger than today’s similarly sized aircraft. Other features include cleaner cabin air, lower cabin pressure, and less noise so that passengers experience fewer headaches, less dizziness, and fatigue while they are flying.

Norwegian Long-Haul B787-9 Dreamliner Premium Economy Review
In the Norwegian premium economy cabin, which starts at a smidge over £599 GBP one-way, seats are set up in a 2-3-2 configuration. The seat pitch is 46 inches with extra legroom, and although the seats don’t go totally flat, the seat-back reclines enough to snooze with a handy foot-rest enabling you to stretch out. Also included are 2 baggage allowances (2 x 20kg), blanket, earplugs, complimentary pre-departure drinks, pre-dinner drinks, 3-course dinner including drinks, breakfast, seat reservation, USB docking, and power outlet, touchscreen snack bar ordering, and state of the art entertainment system. I will add pictures of the Norwegian Airlines premium economy seating as soon as possible.

With flexible dates and advance booking, Norwegian Airlines easily offers the cheapest way to travel transatlantic from London to America, including the USA destinations of New York, Miami, Orlando, Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Juan, and Boston. Norwegian Airlines also offers the cheapest airline fares to the Caribbean from London. When booking, it is worth considering the advance fee of $55 USD (£35 GBP) per leg. This gets economy passengers a meal with a drink, checked-in baggage, and a seat reservation. For comparison, a small sandwich onboard starts at around £7 GBP (11), so not paying this fee can be a false economy.