Juliet & Zoe Sparkly Bags & Pink Purses

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Occasionally the cliché is true, there is nothing a girly like me enjoys more than a new pair of shoes or a new handbag, particularly if the handbag is from Juliet & Zoe.

Perhaps this seems shallow, and dear reader, please be assured that I worry on a daily basis about more important issues like global warming, overpopulation, managing immigration and the horrors of conflict. In fact my first travel auction benefited both the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Blessed Generation Children’s Home in Africa. However, on a grey day I see no harm in a taking joy from shopping for a beautiful item like a handbag.

Which brings me to the point of this article. I have discovered a new sparkly handbag which satisfies my magpie-style love of all things shiny. Perhaps shimmery is a better description of the material coating my new bag. I have never come across such a beautiful yet unusual handmade handbag (with leather so soft and scented that you want to stick your head into the bag have a big sniff of it). The finish of the outside of the bag is unlike anything I have seen before; it is made from teeny tiny microbeads of shinyness. I have never come across a similar bag and I absolutely love it. The leather and ribbon mix chain is the perfect length to swing over your shoulder and I will be showcasing my new bag on my next trip to Monaco.

I also have the Juliet & Zoe studded wallet which is black on the outside and pink on the inside, although you can get one with the pastel pink on the outside. Again this is both functional and looks superb. Juliet and Zoe also do super cute shoes (again in the option of pastel pink,  complete with studs) and a diddy heart-shaped coin case (the perfect valentines gift surely?).

Is this the best designer sparkly bag you have seen (see pictures below)- If it isn’t please show me a better one!

Juliet & Zoe

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