How to Fly On A Private Jet For $90


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Private jet flights were originally a way to travel in luxury that was only open to the very rich. Travelling by private jet removes the pain of airport queues and waiting around. Instead you travel in style in plush cabins and the airport arrival time to tarmac departure time is vastly reduced, as is stress. Nowadays, over 40% of private jet flights that relocate to pick up passengers have empty seats, so private jet companies are monetising these empty legs and are offering cheap private jet flights as a result.

The Cheapest Private Jet Flight Flights New York To Los Angeles
The cheapest way to secure a private jet flight from New York to Los Angeles or Los Angeles to New York is via our eBay style travel auction. This month (September ’15) we auctioned a flexible one way private jet flight for 2 from LA-NY or NY-LA. At the time of writing this article our pair of flight seats was on just £325 or $501. We have sold one private jet flight previously in our auction and judging by the final price, we expect this flight to sell for around £1,000 per person.

Other Ways To Get Cheap Private Jets Flights
Unfortunately we only occasionally have Private Jet Flights in our travel auction. An alternate way too buy a cheap seat on a private jet flight is to use a site or private jet company that offers last-minute deals on unused flight legs.

JetSuite is one of the best bets in the US. It aggregates private jet flights with empty seats and offers daily last minute deals. I just checked LA to Vegas for tomorrow and got a price of $4500 for the entire 4 seater Jetsuite Phenom 100 ($1,125 per person). Los Angeles to San Francisco was coming in at $4587 on the same aircraft ($1146 per person). Jetsuite uniquely offers “Suite Deals” where prices start at $536.43. Simply register on jetsuite and set up a “SuiteDeal Wishlist” in order to be notified in real-time text message or e-mail of any SuiteDeal posted out of your desired airport(s). These suite deals can be on 4 or 6 seaters, and on a 6 seater a rate of $536.43 works out at $89.40 per person which is worth jumping at.

Privatefly is the european version of JetSuite and although prices are higher, you can, for example, bag a jet from around 2,500€. Annoyingly you have to call them to get exact pricing.

Buying Cheap Seats On Flights With Private Jet Clubs
If you cannot fly last minute, there are a number of private jet clubs that offer unlimited private jet flights to and from a selection of locations for a monthly fee. If you travel enough between these airports, a membership like this can work out very good value.

On the East Coast, Beacon is another monthly membership airline, offers an all you can fly membership from $2,000 per month. With daily flights between New York and Boston, the Hamptons and Nantucket this is a great way to buy cheap seats on private jets for New Yorkers.

Cheap private jet flight in our travel auction

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