Condor Liberation Ocean Club Review


Unfortunately this summer (2015) we have not been blessed with glorious weather. The first trip I booked on Condor Ferries brand new ship, Liberation, was canceled due to heavy storms, but at the end of August the wind had died down and on 29th of August 2015 I was fortunate enough to enjoy this new ship on a trip over to Guernsey.

My review is on the best experience you can buy on the Condor – seats in the ship’s Ocean Club. My initial impressions were favorable. After tromping through the standard seating I found the Ocean Club lounge located to the middle left of the ship when facing forward. When compared to the other areas of the ship, this lounge was both peaceful and pristine. The walls were a grey color (unfortunately matching the sky on the day I traveled) and the seating is in hues of blue. There were three sets of four seats surrounding tables at the entrance to the lounge, otherwise, seating was arranged in groups of 2, much like on an airline, one in front of the other and all facing forwards. Worth noting is that the only seating with views is to the left of the cabin when facing forward. The windows are large so it is worth requesting these seats. All other seating is away from the windows with no view.

Table service is offered in the Ocean Club which includes complimentary soft drinks and biscuits and also a full meal service at an extra charge. This means you don’t have to battle your way around the cafe if you are hungry. I have included a shot of the menu although I didn’t try any of the items.

Which seats should I choose on the Condor Liberation?
It is worth mentioning that there are 3 grades of seating or class on the Condor Liberation. There are 500 Ocean Traveller seats which are economy aircraft-style seats that are blue in my picture below and which may well get uncomfortable over the period of 3-4 hours.

Ocean Plus seats are larger and are situated in the Horizon Lounge which is right at the front of the boat with views across the front of the ship. The Ocean Plus seats also have their own exclusive bar. The pictures of these seats in my review are the brown/tan seats. I also took a photo of the view that these seats enjoy. These seats recline and have in-seat power and this lounge is separated off from the standard seating by a sliding door that only people Ocean Plus bookings can go through.

The best seats on the Condor Liberation are in the Ocean Club. They are large, leather, they have a table in front and the capacity to recline. You can see pictures of the Ocean Traveller, Ocean Plus, and Ocean Club seats below.

Clearly, for luxury travel, I would only recommend the Ocean Club which is vastly superior to the other two options. In particular, the cabin is so much quieter and less stressful than on the rest of the ship which makes it easy to get work done. But if the price is an issue the Ocean Plus seating also looked comfortable and if you prefer views over the front of the ship, this is a good choice.

How does the Ocean Club and Condor Liberation compare to the older Condor experience?
Having traveled on both the old Condor last summer and the new Liberation this summer, there is no comparison. The old ship was tattier. The new ship, particularly in the Ocean Club, is immaculate with new carpets big windows with views out to sea (the old ship offered very little in the way of views in the equivalent class). Most importantly the new ship was so much quieter than the older ship that I didn’t even notice when we left port.

So this is one happy luxury traveler and in just 3 hours I was whisked to Guernsey (see our review of the Fermain Valley Hotel). You may also be interested in our article about the best way to travel to Guernsey.