Best Business Class Seats On Qatar Airways B787 Dreamliner

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Qatar’s new business class product is one of our favourites and it is always important to carefully select the best business class seat on the place, in this case the B787 Dreamliner. The seats in Qatar Airways business class are spacious, comfortable and looks oh so stylish in grey and burgundy. I particularly like the egg shaped frames. In terms of the best seat to choose on the B787 Dreamliner, the advantage of this aeroplane is that there isn’t a particularly bad seat. When travelling as a single traveller a window seat will always be preferable. The window seats in row 1 to 4 are the best for single travellers. For those travelling with a companion: the middle seats in row 6 are located in their own little private space between the 2 lavatories and are therefore recommended although my preference would be 2 windows one after the other. The ‘window’ seats in row 5 are to be avoided, since they do not have a window.

Of note the business class seats on Qatar Airways 787 Dreamlineer are actually more spacious than BA’s current 747 first class and we definitely felt that the product was superior, despite being sold as business class. The seat was easy to operate and it was possible to be completely comfortable for dining, reading, viewing and sleeping. Very clever use of space in the cabin resulted in a huge amount of storage for personal effects so be careful to check carefully that you have everything before disembarking.

Other highlights when traveling on Qatar are the Armani perfume provided as part of the amenity kit and the complimentary pyjamas in business class.

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