Best Business Class Seats On Emirates Airbus A380

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A question I am often asked is which are the best seats to choose on a flight, or in this case, what are the best Business Class seats on the Emirates Airbus A380? This is clearly a subjective question but in my opinion, the window seats (A, K) are more private than the aisle seats (B, D, G, J). This is because they are shielded from the aisle by the mini-bar cabinet to the side of the seat. The window seats also have the storage cabinets under the windows and of course a view!

The twin middle seats in the centre of the aircraft (E, F) are ideal for people traveling together but rather too close for independent travellers. It is also worth noting that the aisle seats (B, D, G, J) are a small amount shorter when fully flat, extending to 70 inches instead of the 79 inches or 200 cm which is the length enjoyed by window and middle seats (A, E, F, K). Seat pitch varies from 122 to 99 cm, with the central and window seats having more room than the aisle seats.

What are the best Business Class seats on Emirates’ A380? I think Seats 23A and 23K are the best Business Class seats because of the extra legroom and shielded position blocking you from other passengers thus offering more privacy.

What are the worst Business Class seats on Emirates’ A380?
I think 7A and 7K are the worst seats: even though they do have slightly more legroom, they are totally open to the aisle with very little privacy.

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