Aromaflage – Scents That Insects Don’t Like

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I am catnip to insects, particularly mosquitos. With the rise of dengue fever, chikungunya, yellow fever and the ongoing fear of malaria, mosquito bites are no longer simply annoying. In tropical areas of the world mosquito bites are dangerous. Even in more temperate European and American climates where there is less to worry about, insect bites remain incredibly annoying to those of us who are tasty to bugs.

When I travel to tropical climates I swear by Deet repellents but I resent coating myself and my clothes in stinky chemical repellents in Europe and America, so I was thrilled when I discovered Aromaflage perfumes and candles that do the job of repelling insects naturally and without the need to coat everything in chemicals.

What does my new botanical insect repellent fragrance smell like? Imagine a walk through a warm cedar wood on a summer’s evening, this scent smells like the warm breeze . A mix of fragrant leaves and sap – a heartwarming smell. The Aromaflage insect repelling perfume is actually a mix of cardamom, cedar wood and spruce, which explains the forest smell. I really like it and I love even more that I can coat myself in something natural that works against the blasted Mosquitos!

The chaps at Aromaflage will deliver worldwide at very reasonable costs and their story is sweet.  Mikey & Momo, set up Aromaflage and Momo is so sweet that the bugs just love her. They were traveling through Southeast Asia and discovered an exotic, botanical fragrance that doubles as insect repellent. It smelled so good and worked so well. Too often they passed on applying perfume or cologne to avoid attracting painful and itchy bug bites. Too often they scrubbed our legs of insect repellent before climbing into bed…no more.


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