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Zetta Jet launched on the 8th of August 2015 and is bringing an ultra-luxury option to private jet flights. The brainchild of James Seagrim, Matthew Walter, and Geoffrey Cassidy, Zetta Jet promises to deliver an uber luxury private flight experience.

James Seagrim, Director of Operations says, “Zetta Jet’s operations are flexible… Linking key cities across the globe, from Moscow to Los Angeles, and New York to Beijing, makes Zetta Jet a first for North American Business Aviation.”

Zetta Jet is a FAA certificated air carrier and the first only part 135 operator authorized to make Polar flights, enabling Zetta Jet which will enable route optimization. On a typical flight between Los Angeles and Moscow, this means over 1.5 hours less travel time.

Once onboard Zetta’s newly commissioned, Bombardier Global 6000, guests will have access to the fastest Ku-band in-flight Wi-Fi available, will experiencing the peaceful travel in a whisper quiet cabin, complemented with only the finest of amenities. From hand-tailored Egyptian cotton linens to a carefully designed wine list, no detail is overlooked. Such luxury indulgences are surpassed only by the white-glove service provided by Zetta Jet’s elite team of In-flight Concierges.

The Zetta Jet team understands that the greatest luxury by far is that of time. Because Zetta Jet owns and operates their own fleet, their guests are not beholden to the timetables and lengthy check-ins of commercial airlines, nor to the schedules of private charter owners. Zetta Jet operates solely on their clients’ schedules, giving them the gift of time – time to work, time to play, time to spend with loved ones.

Zetta Jet’s Director of Sales, Matthew Walter says, “Zetta Jet guests exist in a perpetual balancing act between work, family and entertainment. They long for an extra few hours in the day so they can meet all the demands on their time. At Zetta Jet, we give them those hours.”

The Zetta Jet experience combines the dedicated Asian service philosophy with the flexibility and ‘can-do’ spirit of the U.S., adorned with the glamour of Europe’s enduring chic. At the core of Zetta Jet’s philosophy is the conviction that no desire is too extravagant and no request too difficult. Experience luxury travel like never before with Zetta Jet. It’s about time.

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Zetta Jet

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