The Best Business Class Seats On Swiss Airbus A340-300

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The seats in the first cabin (row 4 & 5) are preferable since this cabin feels more intimate. The single best seats for solo travelers are the throne seats 10A and 12A. Unfortunately, Swiss reserves these seats for its Miles & More Elite members, although you could always call the Swiss reservation center to request one of these seats (it worked for me).

If 10A or 12A are not available, then solo travelers should go for 4A or 6A, (also throne seats, albeit with a less open view) or the seats on the right side of the plane, which are all solo seats: these come with less workspace, but have a larger foot compartment.

Travel companions should go for the middle seats, which all have direct aisle access. There are also paired window seats in rows 5, 7, 9, 11, and 14, but here the passenger in the window seat will have to jump over his/her neighbor’s feet to get access to the aisle.

What are the worst Business Class seats on Swiss’ Airbus A340-300?
I suggest avoiding the window seats in row 8 (8A & AK) since they are missing a window. Seats 14A, 14B & 14K as well as seats 15D & 15G are directly in front of the Economy bassinet seats (so you may end up being close to young children).

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