Robot Hotel Opens In Japan


At luxury travel diary we specialise in luxury hotels and travel, but if a freaky uniquey, one-of-a-kind hotel experience appeals, head to Nagasaki, Japan where businessman Hideo Sawada has opened a robot hotel to save on staff costs.

The ‘henn na’ hotel translates to ‘strange hotel’, and on entering this undoubtedly lives up to its name. Guests are greeted by a bow-tie-wearing velociraptor and demure female humanoids at the reception desk. Check in is activated by typing information into a screen, luggage is taken away by an automated trolley and suitcases are delivered to rooms. Guests can choose keyless rooms which use the latest face authentication system to open the door. Inside the room there is more robot mayhem with a small robot, much like a toy doll, on the bedside table which will tell you the weather or the time, and turn the lights on and off.

I can see how a hotel like this might take off in the budget sector, particularly in Japan, although these creepy robot people are pretty unappealing and would surely be frightening rather than welcoming late at night? For the luxury sector, it is the staff members you meet and the personal service makes or breaks a hotel. For the budget sector, Hideo Swada’s robot hotel plans span the globe, so I wait with bated breath to try the “Strange London” robot hotel.

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