Panorama Lounge Review At Zurich Airport


The panorama lounge at Zurich airport is in Concourse E. Most of Swiss’ intercontinental flights (to the US, Asia, and Africa) depart from Zurich Airport’s Concourse E, which is connected to the main terminals by a 5 minute, underground train ride. The latter aims to impress transfer passengers with cool graphics of a good-looking girl in the mountains (Heidi, girl of the Alps?) displayed on the tunnel wall and with sounds of Alphorns and mooing cows. Although not popular with everyone, I love this very Swiss experience and always enjoy this ride.

Unfortunately, Swiss does not have its own lounge at Concourse E but uses the Panorama Lounge instead, which caters to First and Business Class passengers of various airlines (Emirates is the only airline with its own lounge in Concourse E). Holders of Priority Pass and Diners Club also have access to Panorama Lounge. The lounge decor is far from inspiring, and the food options are very basic (sandwiches, fruit, soup, and a cake). On a positive note, chairs are comfortable, and the floor to ceiling windows have gorgeous views on the tarmac and Alpes. In summer, they open their private outdoor terrace, so you can enjoy some fresh air with the runway right in front of you.

Compared to the Swiss Lounge in the main terminal, the Panorama Lounge is clearly a step-down. So, unless you are a plane freak and love to observe the tarmac traffic (either from the inside of the lounge or on the terrace), you may prefer to wait in Swiss Lounge and then take the underground ride to Concourse E around 10 minutes before boarding time.

The lounge was a 5-minute walk to the gate where my Swiss International Air Lines‘ oldest Airbus A340-300 was departing from to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) in Thailand.

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Review by our friends at Luxury Travel Expert