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I popped over this morning to buy a few iTunes gift cards. I always buy apple’s iTunes giftcards digitally via Tesco simply because you get 150 Tesco rewards which equates to 360 Avios airmiles for each £50 purchase.

This morning there s a 15% off offer so you can order £60 of digital iTunes vouchers for £51 plus you get 360 Avios airmiles. You are limited to buying £100 of iTunes digital gift cards per day (I bought £60 worth for £51 and will be back tomorrow) but this is a great way to top up your Avios airmiles with very little effort.

Remember to order your iTunes voucher digitally so as not to incur delivery charges and of course remember to add your Tesco Clubcard number before your finish your checkout.

Tesco iTunes GiftCard

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