Transatlantic Supersonic Jet

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A few months ago I wrote about the soon to be launched Transatlantic Supersonic Jet service. Yes, once again, it looks like supersonic flying will once again be an option for the luxury traveler.

One of the major players in the supersonic jet market is Spike Aerospace who have recently amended their designs to improve safety, aerodynamic performance, and comfort.

Boston, MA, June 29, 2015 – Spike Aerospace is very excited to unveil the latest update to the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet, a stunningly elegant, sleek, and innovative business jet that will sweep passengers to their destinations at supersonic speeds. Flying 450 mph faster than any other civilian jet, the Spike S-512 will enable customers to do more and enjoy more out of life. A flight from NYC to London taking just 3 hours – makes day trips for business possible. Or Paris to Dubai for shopping and entertainment and back home in time for dinner.

The Spike S-512 interior features the luxurious Multiplex Digital cabin where passengers can enjoy beautiful panoramic views outside the aircraft, a movie, maps, images, or a presentation. With room for up to 18 passengers, customers can work or relax in comfort and style with amazing views of the world.

“Flying supersonic is clearly the future of aviation” said Spike CEO & President Vik Kachoria. “It makes the world smaller and more accessible. For any competitive global business, cutting flight times in half will have significant value. But for people who have busy global lives and want to spend time with the people they love, the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet will be a necessity.”

Spike engineers have been focused on aerodynamic analysis and design optimization to make the Spike S-512 a high-performing, safe, and cost-effective jet. The past 18 months have resulted in significant improvements in all three factors and in also reducing sonic boom, increasing range, and enhancing comfort. The most noticeable change to the aircraft design is that the wings are now a modified delta wing. According to Senior Engineer Dr. Anutosh Moitra “the new delta wing of the S-512 delivers high aerodynamic efficiency and improved flight performance in both low-speed flight and supersonic cruise. The highly swept leading-edge reduces wave drag and consequently reduces fuel burn and increases range.”

The Spike engineering team has also modified the tail to reduce drag and improve aircraft control in supersonic conditions. “Improved stability characteristics of the new S-512 design allowed us to eliminate the horizontal tail resulting in further reduction of drag and weight,” adds Dr. Moitra.

Every aircraft has to be designed to meet specific mission requirements including range, number of passengers, speed, payload, high performance (fighter jets), fuel efficiency, and cost. Unfortunately, there are always trade-offs. If you have high performance, you typically don’t have fuel efficiency. If you have to carry a high number of passengers you lose out on speed or range. These trade-offs have to be juggled to design an aircraft that can be engineered, manufactured, and sold at a price customers will pay for. The engineers spend a lot of time coming up with solutions and then seeing how that impacts the other flight characteristics. The sales team then explores the trade-offs with customers to gauge market requirements and potential.

The latest design meets at the intersection of engineering, business requirements, and market demand for an incredible transatlantic supersonic business jet.

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