Marco Polo Club Airport Lounge Venice Review


If you are a member of Priority Pass or other airport Lounge Pass schemes, and you are traveling through Venice Airport. The Marco Polo Club Airport Lounge Venice will be the airport lounge that you have access to.

This lounge is reached by going up the main escalators at Venice airport and is huge, split off into 2 rooms (one was completely empty while I was there). There is a great view across the airport through the floor to ceiling windows and there is a large selection of food and drinks including numerous coffee machines, fruit, biscuits, sandwiches (full of unidentifiable goo – I couldn’t even work out what they were after trying them), tasty cold Margarita pizza, croissants with cheese and jam, yogurt and bottles and cans of water, fizzy water, coke and pretty much any soft drink that you could imagine. There was also a good selection of beers and wines.

Overall this is a good lounge, there is even a terrace which you can stand outside on to watch the planes. If I were to nitpick, the chairs and tables were slightly grubby and had seen better days, but the internet connection was fast and this was in general an enjoyable lounge. It is worth mentioning that the gate for British departures is only a very short walk from the lounge (situated more or less underneath the Marco Polo Club lounge) which also makes this lounge very easy to get to and from.