Canal Motorboats in Amsterdam

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There is nothing quite like bobbing along on a canal in Amsterdam. You must try it. Motor past the old Dutch houses with their stepped roofs, nose into people’s waterside gardens, navigate around town underneath old-fashioned bridges and then park up where you fancy for some frites met mayonnaise or a chunk of Gouda.

Being on the canals is a very special way to view this unique city and is also an excellent and stress free way of touring without having to negotiate crazy cyclists and pushy pedestrians.

The oldest boat rental company in Amsterdam rents wonderful boats from a central location. Just take a short walk from the Central Station and you will be given immediate access to the famous Amsterdam canals, you don’t even need a navigation license to take one of these boats out on the town!

You are in safe hands with Canal Motorboats and after a quick lesson with clear and expert instructions, you will hit the water feeling like a seasoned captain. Canal Motorboats are available year round from 10:00 am ‘til sunset/10:00 pm with boats fitting up to 7 people plus the boats always come with cushions and blankets for comfort and warmth. Enjoy an unforgettable time on the water and an unusual way to view and appreciate this watery city.

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Canal Motorboats