Virgin Black Credit Card Bonus Flying Club Miles

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Virgin Atlantic has boosted the sign-up bonus on its credit cards, The largest I can remember hence why I thought it was worth writing this post.

Virgin Flying Club offers two different credit card options. There is a free White card and a £140 GBP fee Black card. Each application gets you an American Express and a Visa Card.

The free card is the Virgin Atlantic White Credit Card with no annual fee. The signup bonus is 10,000 Virgin Flying Club miles. You will receive 3,000 miles immediately and a further 7,000 miles when you spend £1,000 GBP in the first 90 days. Should you decide to keep the card, you will earn 1 mile per £1 GBP spent on the Amex and 0.5 miles per £1 GBP spent on the Visa.

The Virgin Atlantic Black Credit Card has an annual fee of £140 GBP, with a sign-up bonus of 32,000 Virgin Flying Club miles (recently increased to 18,500 miles, so the additional bonus is 13,500). You will receive 18,500 miles with your first purchase and a further 13,500 miles when you spend £3,000 GBP in the first 90 days. You then earn 2 miles per £1 GBP on the American Express and 1 mile per £1 GBP on the Visa.

Also relevant, the White card offers an upgrade voucher (from Economy to Premium Economy only) for a miles redemption when you spend £10,000 GBP, and a second at £20,000 GBP. The Black card offers the same vouchers at £5,000 GBP and £10,000 GBP. This upgrade to Premium Economy is for one person and only when you redeem your Flying Club miles for an Economy class redemption. A 2nd voucher is available when you spend £10,000 GBP. These vouchers are issued at the END of your card year, not when you pass the spend target. Visa spend does not count towards the vouchers.

Holders of the Black card also receive free Regus Businessworld Gold membership.

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