Saudi Arabia is going to unveil the largest hotel of the world in 2017. The Abraj Kudai hotel will have a massive 10,000 rooms and suites spread over 686,000 square feet.

The Venetian Las Vegas currently holds the record for the largest hotel in the world. The Abraj Kudai is expected to cost $3.5 billion to build and will be positioned close to the Masjid al-Haram, the world’s largest mosque, and aims to cater to wealthy Muslims who come to Mecca on pilgrimage. Amenities planned include the 70 restaurants, a mall, a convention centre, prayer areas, and floors reserved for royals.

The Abraj Kudai will have 12 towers; ten of them will have four-star rooms while the other two will house five-star rooms. The interior of this hotel will be designed by London based Areen Hospitality Group.

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