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If you are looking for a cute gift for yourself or your loved ones, maybe an intricate silver or gold pendant inspired by nature that will put a smile on your face in the morning… Michele Benjamin Jewellery offers just that. I chose to feature these sparkly pendants simply because I love their substantial size and the fact that they are handmade. Forget cheap minuscule pendants, when you wear one of Michelle’s pieces, their substantial size, and unique content really stand out. I love the starfish, it is such a pleasing shape and such an unusual pendant.

Michelle’s designs are inspired by the love of fine art and the natural environment, including bees, butterflies, angelfish, hummingbirds, tortoises, dragonflies, starfish, seahorses, and more. All of these forms add beauty and significance to the enrichment of the human experience. Michele equates forms found in nature to the timeless art that she observes in the great museums of the world. The bee, the company trademark, represents activity, industry, and creativity. Animal-themed designs in the collection contain symbolism that refers to strong, positive, earth origins.

Pieces are designed in Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Vermeil, and 18K Gold Plated Collections. All her jewelry is produced in New York City and is distinct in artistic quality because each piece is handcrafted with care in her studio. The jewelry gets noticed from a distance and people often remark about the “fun factor” of wearing the designs. The symbolism of the animal themes relates to a personal story, symbol, or memory of a celebration, vacation, or milestone in one’s own personal life.

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