Summer 2015 Luxury Beauty Essentials


Luxury skincare companies are constantly introducing new products that work even better than their last one and I make a concerted effort to keep on top of the latest beauty products and treatments to keep myself and my lovely readers looking fresh and youthful.

Firstly, when I go away I swear by ESPA facials to keep my skin fresh but this is just the start of my regime. I also have to have all the latest products in my beauty bag, I have outlined my 2015 pick of the bunch below.

Many years ago I was given the advice “you can never wear enough eyeliner” and although I feel that maybe Claudia Winkleman takes this advice a step slightly too far, as a general rule I believe when it comes to eyeliner more is more. And the more you spend the better the liner. My current favorite is the Burberry effortless liquid liner. It forms a beautifully thick line with a sharp edge, does not smudge, and even better, when the sunshine can cause your liner to run a little, with the Burberry liquid liner there is no flaking or running.

I am also a fan of the new Burberry Complete Eye Palette. The quality is as you would expect and the mix of colors in each set are all useable and work well together. This well-designed box also comes in a cute pouch with 2 useable mini brushes rather than those cheap foam ones and honestly, one set will do you for your holiday, no need for numerous little pots which saves on space.

Also in my makeup bag is my thisworks turbo balm which disappointingly doesn’t taste of anything, but guess what- this coca butter-based balm works, just like it says on the box (I actually prefer the taste of the sweet body shop balms but find they don’t work). This balm is also really good for your elbows and heels too.

My face moisturizer du jour is also from thisworks. It is tinted and gives the flawless finish I like, ideal for by the pool when you don’t want to cake yourself in foundation but don’t feel like completely bearing all.

I always slip in a travel bottle of Molton Brown hand lotion into my handbag, I just love the smell of Molton Brown products and I don’t always trust the smell and quality of hotel body lotions which can sometimes be a bit tart or even worse, watery! I particularly like the mini Rhubarb and Rose mini hand cream, it just smells too good, incredibly sophisticated creamy with a hint of cheeky rhubarb crumble.

My suntan lotion this year is the reparative face sun lotion by creme de la mer which swear by as it soaks in so well and quickly.

Finally, being an insomniac, I always take my earplugs, a hot water bottle (sound nuts but I fear over-enthusiastic air conditioning), and my thisworks deep sleep pillow spray, which is a mix of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile and smells fresh like a dewy flower-filled wood – not at all old woman lavender – this scent is super nice! I don’t know whether it works but I love the smell of it and I do sleep better when I am away so I always pack it.

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