Between9and5 Review For Airport Layovers


The most grueling flight routings that I take on a regular basis are London to Sydney via Hong Kong, Tokyo or Singapore, and Hawaii usually via Vancouver. Both routings involve a nightmare layover between my flights which leaves me stuck waiting in some dire communal airport lounge or a marginally better airline club lounge. Either way, there is no chance of sleeping, I never feel able to de-stress and the whole experience makes the horrendous journey even less tolerable.

Unfortunately I do not yet own my own jet so for the forseeable future I will be needing a solution to my misery. Well boys and girls, I have the answer! Between9and5 will sell you a hotel room during the day. So if you were to fly into Hong Kong International in the morning but didn’t have a connecting flight out until the evening, Between9and5 will enable you to book a superb room in the five star Regal Airport Hotel (directly connected to the airport) for around $190  for enough hours to get a sleep between flights as well as to de-stress in privacy. Between9and5 includes most chain airport hotels. In the London, Gatwick, the 4 star Sofitel and 4 star Holiday Inn are the pick of the bunch and come in at around £75, at Heathrow the Hilton London Heathrow Airport comes in at around £108. All significantly lower than the overnight rates.

You can also book hotel rooms within London and other major cities if you need a rest bite between meetings or if you need to escape from the office. Hotels available range from 5 star right down to a 2 star Ibis depending on your budget. I for one will be popping into the Regal on my next trip to Sydney. If my insomnia will allow me 50 winks, it will make the whole trip so much less stressful – as long as the wakeup call works!

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