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Many years ago husband worked for Apple and has since been what I believe they call a fanboy. As such at least twice a year I’m forced to sit through an Apple Keynote. These affairs normally involve a nice fellow called Tim Cook – and before him, the late, and much admired Steve Jobs – showing a new product or two to a dedicated bunch of followers who offer rapturous applause and whoops on command. I find the whole affair is only made bearable with the accompaniment of a large glass of something alcoholic.

However, just recently something made me put my glass down and pay attention – the Apple Watch. It’s not that I find the act of having to get my iPhone out of my bag to make a call or answer a message a chore, but the thought of having a device on my wrist that means I don’t have to appeals.

Once you’ve decided to buy one, the process of choosing the right Apple Watch is fraught with danger. The Apple designers headed by superstar, Jonny Ive have created an array to choose from. Some you can buy and some you’re ‘invited’ to wear.

I am of course talking about the all gold Apple Edition, (a standard yellow gold Edition with a solid gold strap/band), exposed by Karl Lagerfeld and later spotted on the wrist of Beyoncé. I have to confess to being Jealous, I know I’m falling for the trap of desiring an object worn by the celeb ‘A-list’, unavailable to the rest of us, but the green eyed monster is out of the box, I want one! Well played Mrs Ahrendts.

In reality, I’m not crazy about the idea of buying a gold watch that’ll be rendered obsolete by every new and very possibly yearly incarnation, the Edition’s not for me – that said if Santa brings me one this year who am I to complain! For now, my Apple watch will be functional day wear, I’ll revert to something Swiss and old-fashioned for an evening out. As such my choice boiled down to the Sport or the equivalent stainless steel model.

The fear of an aluminium watch with an ‘Ion-X glass’ face was too great, so I opted for the 42mm stainless steel version with its sapphire face, paired with a sports band. I’m sure it’s just me but all the other bands seem a bit dated and overly masculine, something David Hasselhoff would be proud to pair with a leather sports jacket. Perhaps that’s the point – combining the old with the new?

So has the Apple Watch changed my life like the iPhone, the iPad or even the MacBook Air. Not yet. Has it enhanced my life, well yes. I no longer have to stop what I’m doing and root around my home, desk or bag for my constantly beeping phone, for that reason alone the Apple watch is useful to me. Choosing a song, answering a call or message, viewing notifications, tracking a run, (ahem… brisk walk) – all made easier and importantly far less involved with an Apple Watch.

At the moment my Apple watch is a bit of a novelty, but even after just a day on my wrist, I’m starting to rely on it. It’s not yet indispensable and there’s some annoying bugs – why’s a workout not registered as exercise in the activity app? 30mins on an exercise bike and my watch is tapping me on the wrist telling me I haven’t met my exercise goal… Irritating – but given updates, and improved apps I fear I’ll be less inclined to switch to something Swiss and old-fashioned for an evening out. Does anyone want to buy an old Gold Rolex?


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