America’s Worst Airline


I usually write about the best luxury experiences in the world, but occasionally it is worth knowing which hotels and airlines to avoid.

The prize for America’s Worst Airline goes to Spirit Airlines which replaces United Airlines as the lowest ranking carrier in terms of customer satisfaction. In the recent survey from American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Spirit scored 54, the lowest airline score in America.

JetBlue Airways claimed the top spot as the most satisfying airline with a score of 81 while Southwest came second with a score of 78.

Spirit Airlines, like the UK’s Ryanair or easyjet, is known for its low-cost price structure that adds fees for things like printing a boarding pass at the airport, a carry-on bag or even water. The airline’s bare fares are said to be an average 40% lower than other airlines.

With BA slowly reducing it’s legroom and tatty European fleet, sadly the airline industry currently seems to be racing to the bottom instead of supplying a level of service that would keep customers happy.

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